The Case Against “Shacking Up”: Marriage versus Cohabitation

Marriage is a rewarding and sometimes challenging feat. Where marriage is veiled in reward and aspirations of unity, cohabitation “ shacking up” is cloaked in shame, disgrace, and settling. As a therapist, I often see many couples arrive at my office filled with despair as they are faced with the

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Relationship Tuneup

Every marriage and romantic relationship arrives at a point where a “tune up” is essential. I will define a relationship tune-up as a thorough and comprehensive assessment of a romantic relationship inclusive of tools to make amendments and positive changes to the areas within one’s relationship that need resolving. Mid-life

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Can You Stand the Rain?

“Sunny days, everyone loves them, Tell me can you stand the rain, storms will come this we know for sure”- New Edition Little kids know the same thing that construction workers realize; there must be a solid foundation for anything being built in order for it to last. The same

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Make The Day Memorable And The Marriage Forever

Kahilah T. Jones is a Doctoral Candidate (PhD in Human Resource Development at Barry University) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the owner of Platinum Life Counseling, LLC a boutique agency located in Lauderdale Lakes, FL offering Therapeutic Services to Individuals, Families, Couples, and Organizations with the

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Get Excited about your Future!

When one door closes, an opportunity is on the Horizon. Have you recently been bombarded by Fear due to a failed relationship, career issues, a troubled marriage, or another issue seeped in disappointment? Get excited about this perceived “lull” in your life, it means that you are able to refocus

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Texting…Is It Cheating?

Does it count if one person in a relationship is utilizing social media to carry on an “emotional affair”? Yes! When a significant other finds out that their partner is exchanging illicit text messages, phone calls, and videos with someone outside of their relationship, it is likely hurt will ensue,

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