Rates and Insurance

How much does Therapy Cost?

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Why I do not take insurance…..

Platinum Life Counseling, LLC is committed to assisting Individuals, Families, and Couples “Create a Better Legacy”. We have made the decision to NOT accept insurance for a few reasons :

1. Insurance companies may require me to give you a Mental Disorder Diagnosis.

2. Many Insurance Companies do not cover (“reimburse payment”) marriage counseling or family counseling.

3. I believe that You the Client should Create your own Goals in order to receive the best Treatment possible.

4.Taking insurance would jeopardize your Confidentiality. If I submit a bill to the insurance companies on your behalf, your confidential information is processed by the insurance company and then stored in a database.

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Benefits of Counseling

- Learn How to Save Your Marriage
- Communicate Better with Your Children
- Improve Your Self-Esteem

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